Not interested in full time management?

Just looking for a tenant for your property?



1. Our company speaks to hundreds of potential tenants every month in response to our marketing efforts. Generally we can locate a tenant for you within 30 days if your property meets market guidelines.


2. All tenant applicants are screened for credit info, bankruptcies, tax liens, and felony convictions. We verify employment, personal identification and previous rental history. Know your tenant!


3. Approved and updated Association of Realtor leases that include tenant responsibility for minor repairs and maintenance. The local courts are familiar with enforcing this lease. We also have special “pet acceptance” addendums.


4. Guaranteed “Move In” funds: we collect the security deposit and the initial rents in certified funds prior to releasing keys.


5. Local manager contact on call evenings and weekends for emergencies or repairs meeting State requirements for landlords.


6. NO FEES until the property is rented and the money collected. We will handle all the marketing, showings, lock box, advertising, paperwork and collection of funds. We will then provide you with a full accounting, all rental proceeds and security deposits plus a “move in” checklist and set of condition photos for your files.


7. Problems in the future? In case you need help enforcing your lease, collecting your rents or handling HOA violations, you can call us for assistance on a time and materials basis for everything from evictions to repairs, or even placing a new tenant or handling a lease renewal.

Call us for details and pricing for your property!




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